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Offical release

The current officially released version of Altaxo can be found in the stable folder, which is here. You will need the .NET-Framework 4.0 on your computer prior to the installation. Please note that you will need the full version of the .NET-Framework 4.0 (the client version is not sufficient). Double-click on the .msi file in order to install Altaxo. Alternatively, you can download the .zip file with the binaries - see text below how to handle this.

Since the new functions to embed Altaxo Graphs into COM-Containers (e.g. WORD-documents) are still experimental, Altaxo will not register itself in the registry. If you want to use this functionality, start Altaxo, and from the menu choose Tools->Registry->Register Altaxo for OLE/COM. If you are logged on as administrator, this will register Altaxo for all users; if you are logged on as user only, Altaxo is registered only for you (the current user).

If you always want to use the newest release

Important note: the newest releases of Altaxo are using the .NET-Framework 4. The full version of the .NET-Framework 4 is needed (the client version only is not sufficient). If your computer meets this requirement, then go to the file release page of the Altaxo project, and navigate to the folder Altaxo-Latest-Unstable'. Download the file named ''. Important: before unzipping the downloaded file, make sure that you right-click on the zip-file in Explorer, choose Properties, and then click Unblock. If you miss this step, all executable files will be blocked after unzipping! Now you can unzip the content of this file into an empty folder of your choice. Start Altaxo by double-clicking on AltaxoStartup.exe located in the 'bin' folder of the installation. That's it! Of course, after those steps, Altaxo is not registered for OLE/COM functionality. See the paragraph 'Offical release' how to do it.

P.S.: The auto update options (see 'Tools'=>'Options' menu in Altaxo) are set to download only stable versions. If you really want to keep up-to-date, you should alter these options to download both stable and unstable versions.